Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents typify the one word against another type of contested matter.  Unless your client has a dash camera installed you rely on the word of those involved, eye witnesses and the subsequent damage to the vehicles.  By utilising Media For Law we can provide point-of-view drive through videos showing the routes taken by each vehicle involved in an incident from a range of angles.  Combined with animated and annotated maps we can provide a comprehensive view of a location and the moments leading up to an accident.


Point of View Drive Through

Our cameras can be mounted internally on dashboards or externally on almost any type of vehicle to provide you with all possible angles, covering a variety of scenarios.  Our film makers will also aim to match the video to the original conditions based on the details provided in witness statements.  We will film in any weather conditions or at any time of day in order to best approximate the same conditions at the time of the event.

Road Traffic Accident 2

Once completed the videos can be viewed individually or presented as a split screen video demonstrating multiple points of view simultaneously giving you and all the relevant parties the best possible evidence to consider.


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