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Reconstructions can be used for a wide variety of matters, covering both criminal and civil matters.  At Media For Law we produce reconstructions that are used in and out of court that allow all parties to see the scene of an incident from a variety of views, including 360 images.


Video reconstructions can be especially useful for road traffic accidents and personal injury matters, showing the routes taken by all parties in the moments leading up to an incident.  We can attend incident and crime scenes and photograph or video any details that may be of relevance, these can then be reviewed time and time again.


We can attend incident scenes at short notice to capture details immediately after an incident, or we can attend at a later date matching time of day and conditions to those at the time of the incident, this can be especially useful for road traffic matters. Further information on rta reconstructions can be found here.


Call us to discuss how a reconstruction video or photograph may assist your case.  Contact us here.