Day In The Life

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Why Use a Day in the Life Video?

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence matters can have serious and lifelong implications for those people involved. A Media For Law Day in the Life video can demonstrate clearly the impact that these events have had on your clients. By filming your clients over the course of a day, several days or even weeks we can develop a comprehensive view of their day to day life. We can demonstrate how physical and psychological injuries have taken their toll and present them in a clear and concise way, ideal for playing in court. A Day in the Life Video can be a cost effective way of presenting almost first hand evidence in a trial without the need for expensive and intrusive court visits and also offer an alternative to having vulnerable individuals appearing in court in person.


Why Instruct Media For Law

At Media For Law we specialise in producing video for use in court and as part of UK legal proceedings. Our film makers have both broadcast and legal experience meaning we can work efficiently to produce a Day in the Life video that is tailored to the specific requirements of the case and suitable to be shown in court.
Our film makers are trained professionals with a great deal of experience working with vulnerable people and can handle matters sensitively but still gather the required video evidence to support your case. We can be on site for extensive periods of time gathering video and we will then edit down the hours of footage in to the pieces most relevant to the case. We then produce digital video files of DVDs that can be issued to all involved parties and or shown in court.
As with all our video evidence all the captured video is stored on our secure offline server which can then be accessed at a later date should any of the involved parties request to see any of the raw footage.


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