Video & Photography for the UK Legal System

The world of technology is changing at a staggering pace.  10 years ago who would have predicted that almost everyone would be carrying an HD camera in their pocket or that most police officers would be wearing cameras as part of their uniform.  The abundance of visual information has become part of everyday life, people have come to consume most of their information though audio and visual devices and the courtroom is no exception.  Video and photography is a highly efficient way of producing striking and conclusive evidence in the courtroom.  Video surveys and photographs can be a an extremely efficient and cost effective alternative to costly and time consuming court visits; Day in the Life videos can provide a relatively unobtrusive yet conclusive insight into the daily routine of a client; video reconstructions can demonstrate the location around a road traffic accident or crime scene, the practical applications for video as a way of producing evidence for court are endless and Media For Law are experts at providing media for this specific purpose.

Legal Media Experts

We pride ourselves on being experts in the field of media evidence for court.  Our film makers and photographers are professionals with more than 10 years of working in the media business but also and crucially with experience in the UK legal sector.  We can deliver photographs and video in the correct format and with the appropriate supporting documentation, reports, statements of authenticity and affidavits to be accepted in court.  We never subcontract work out so we know that all our work is being carried out by individuals with experience of dealing with legal matters and vulnerable individuals.

International Services

Media For Law provide  video and photography services throughout Europe as per our clients needs, such as Day in the Life videos for clients who may be living overseas or interviews/depositions for witnesses who do not usually reside in the UK.  We also offer video to non UK standard such as NTSC video for video depositions for US legal cases.  If you have any questions about non UK services please get in touch to discuss the options and services we provide.

As well as producing bespoke media evidence packages to be used in court we can provide analysis, enhancement and expert witness testimony on any existing media that may be used as evidence in court, again supporting our findings with reports, statements of authenticity and affidavits.


By instructing Media For Law you can provide conclusive first hand evidence invaluable to a wide range of matters.


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